Thursday, September 29, 2011

Curtains and shades

Stunning Scarlet
One of the most famous scenes from Gone With the Wind is when Scarlet rips down the sumptuous velvet curtains and repurposes them into a fantastic gown.

There is actually a cinematic precedent. Besides Scarlet, we have Maria ripping down the curtains in her room to make rompers for the VonTrapp children.

Glamours Giselle  
We also have the birds and mice using the curtains to make ball gowns for the heroines of both Disney's Cinderella and later on in Disney's slightly self-deprecating but absolutely adorable Enchanted.

So the curtains-to-clothes is an actual fashion legacy must.

So I am proud to tell you that I've done that.

Well, actually it was a black valance and I used it as an improvised head scarf when my hair was being uncooperative, but I worked it just as fantastically.

Oddly enough my current window treatments are actually lovely black and whiete floral print scarves from Target's discontinued Liberty of London Line.

In my world this becomes that and vice-versa.

Things don't have to be worn as intended. Be versatile. With a little imagination you can create a unique fashion statement.

Speaking of scarlet. I want to take a moment to rave over the most perfect red lipstick ever. Cover Girl's Superstay red 743.

It is a bright matte red that true to the label lasts. It will not budge. I have had dental work done in this lipstick and it has not gone anywhere.

And they don't make it anymore. It has been "reformulated" with an inferior quality lipstick that despite the claims on the label of being able to hold up for 24 hours, will not make it through the day. The closest red I could find to the perfect scarlet was a red frosty color.

Red frosty. It nearly pains me to even type that.They call it "All Day Cherry".I call it "Not Good Enough".

I want my pin-up pucker back.

You would think that between all the spying on me that is done via my shopper's cards and online purchases, these companies would be able to give a girl a heads up so she can horde her beloved shades if they decide to stop making them.

So as I can afford it, I have been on a quest to find a perfect scarlet that will not move. When I do, I am going to buy a thousand tubes of it so I won't have this cruel trick played on me again.

I would also like to find some birds and mice that know how to sew because that would just be awesome!

Fashionably yours,

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